Constitutional Law- New Challenges by GP Tripathi


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“Constitutional Law- New Challenges” is a scholarly work by Dr. G.P. Tripathi providing a comprehensive analysis of the upcoming challenges faced by the Indian Constitution. The book is written in a simple and lucid language and shall be very beneficial for the students of law pursuing LL.B and LL.M and shall also cater the needs of various academicians, researchers and policy makers having interest in the field of Constitution. CHAPTERIZATION

Chapter I- Federalism

Chapter II- Secularism- Challenges to

Chapter III- Minority appeasements; Communalism and Fundamentalism Challenge to Indian Constitution

Chapter IV- Concept of State and Nation

Chapter V- Separation of Powers; or Division of powers- Indian Experience

Chapter VI- Human Rights; naxals, terrorists and the law enforcement machineries; regulating these is a great challenge

Chapter VII- Feminism, Law and Women Empowerment: Great Challenge

Chapter VIII- Reservations: How far and where

Chapter IX- Communism- Challenge to Constitution

Chapter X- Citizenship; voting right to N.R.I.

Chapter XI- Right to Privacy; need of hour

Chapter XII- Social values and law; challenges

Chapter XIII- Independence of Judiciary; self-restriction

Chapter XIV- Equality, Socialism and Constitution

Chapter XV- Personal Liberty

Chapter XVI- Claim for Euthanasia; Challenge to law

Chapter XVII- Death Sentence; burning issue

Chapter XVIII- Media and Law; new developments

Chapter XIX- Sting operations: Protection to the whistle blowers

Chapter XX- Judicial Activism

Chapter XXI- Public Interest Litigation; remedy or malady

Chapter XXII- Corruption and ombudsman; from here to everywhere

Chapter XXIII- Electoral Reforms; Great challenge to Constitutionalism

Chapter XXIV- Constitutional Judicial Review and Legislative supremacy

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