Constitutional Law Of India by Kailash Rai (12th Edition 2023)

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This laudable work on Constitution of India by widely respected author, Dr. Kailash Rai provides clear and comprehensive explanation of various important aspects of Indian Constitution. The present edition has been fully updated, providing the recent Constitutional Amendment Acts and the latest Judicial Decisions at appropriate places. Concise coverage and approachable writing style of the author make this a favourite with students of all levels. A set of objective questions have also been included to make the book more useful to the readers. CHAPTERIZATION

Chapter I- Historical Background of the Indian Constitution

Chapter II- Nature and Kinds of Constitution

Chapter III- Nature of Indian Constitution

Chapter IV- Features of Indian Constitution

Chapter V- Preamble

Chapter VI- The Union and its Territories

Chapter VII- Citizenship

Chapter VIII- Fundamental Rights

Chapter IX- Right to Equality

Chapter X- Right to Freedom

Chapter XI- Right against Exploitation

Chapter XII- Freedom of Religion

Chapter XIII- Cultural and Educational Rights

Chapter XIV- Right to Constitutional Remedies

Chapter XV- Directive Principles of State Policy

Chapter XVI- Fundamental Duties

Chapter XVII- The Union Executive

Chapter XVIII- Union Legislature

Chapter XIX- Union Judiciary

Chapter XX- State Executive

Chapter XXI- State Legislature

Chapter XXII- State Judiciary

Chapter XXIII- Comptroller and Auditor- General of India

Chapter XXIV- The Union Territories

Chapter XXV- Panchayats

Chapter XXVI- Municipalities and Cooperative Societies

Chapter XXVII- The Scheduled and Tribal Areas

Chapter XXVIII- Relation between the Union and the States

Chapter XXIX- Property

Chapter XXX- Liability of State or Government in Torts and Contracts

Chapter XXXI- Right to Property

Chapter XXXII- Trade, Commerce and Intercourse within the territory of India

Chapter XXXIII- Services under the Union and the States

Chapter XXXIV- Tribunals

Chapter XXXV- Election

Chapter XXXVI- Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes

Chapter XXXVII- Official Language

Chapter XXXVIII- Emergency Provisions

Chapter XXXIX- Amendments of the Constitution

Chapter XL- State of Jammu and Kashmir

Chapter XLI- Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions

Chapter XLII- Miscellaneous





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