International Law and Human Rights [23rd Edition 2021] by H.O. Agarwal

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This scholarly work by Dr. H.O. Aggarwal provides an authoritative overview of key issues on International Law. The book is divided into two parts. Part I deals with the traditional as well as modern topics of International Law, while human rights has been exclusively dealt in Part II of the book. Recent Judgments of the International Court of Justice have also been referred to wherever required. This book shall be extremely useful to scholars and students of International Law, Human Rights and war studies. It will also be cater the needs of students appearing in the competitive examinations and at the same time fulfil the requirements of NGO’s and government legal advisors working in these areas. CHAPTERIZATION


Chapter 1- Definition and Concept of International Law

Chapter II- Sources of International Law

Chapter III- Historical Development of International Law

Chapter IV- Relationship of International Law and Municipal Law

Chapter V- Codification of International Law

Chapter VI- Subjects of International Law

Chapter VII- States

Chapter VIII- Recognition

Chapter IX- State Territory

Chapter X- Law of the Sea

Chapter XI- Outer Space, The Moon and Antarctica

Chapter XII- Acquisition and Loss of State Territory

Chapter XIII- State Succession

Chapter XIV- State Jurisdiction

Chapter XV- State Responsibility

Chapter XVI- Place of Individuals in International Law

Chapter XVII- Nationality

Chapter XVIII- Aliens

Chapter XIX- Extradition

Chapter XX- Asylum

Chapter XXI- Diplomatic Agents

Chapter XXII- Consuls and Special Missions

Chapter XXIII- Treaties

Chapter XXIV- International Organisations

Chapter XXV- United Nations Organisation

Chapter XXVI- General Assembly

Chapter XXVII- Security Council

Chapter XXVIII- Economic and Social Council

Chapter XXIX- Trusteeship Council

Chapter XXX- The Secretariat

Chapter XXXI- International Court at Justice

Chapter XXXII- Specialized Agencies

Chapter XXXIII- Settlement of Disputes

Chapter XXXIV- Intervention

Chapter XXXV- War

Chapter XXXVI- Enemy Character

Chapter XXXVII- Laws of Warfare

Chapter XXXVIII- Belligerent Occupation

Chapter XXXIX- War Crimes

Chapter XL- Neutrality

Chapter XLI- Blockade

Chapter XLII- Contraband

Chapter XLIII- Prize Courts

Chapter XLIV- Unneutral Service

Chapter XLV- Right of Angary

Chapter XLVI- Postliminium

Chapter XLVII- Environment

Chapter XLVIII- Aggression

Chapter XLIX- International Terrorism

Chapter L- Aircraft Hijacking

Chapter LI- Disarmament

Chapter LII- Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty

Chapter LIII- Genocide

Chapter LIV- International Criminal Court


Chapter LV- Concept of Human Rights

Chapter LVI- Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Chapter LVII- International Covenants on Human Rights

Chapter LVIII- International Conventions on Inhuman Acts

Chapter LIX- Vulnerable Groups and Human Rights

Chapter LX- International Conferences on Human Rights

Chapter LXI- Regional Conventions on Human Rights

Chapter LXII- International Humanitarian Law

Chapter LXIII- India and International Covenants

Chapter LXIV- India and Human Rights Conventions

Chapter LXV- Human Rights Commissions in India





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