Law on Information Technology by Ishita Chatterjee


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Chapter I- Introduction

Chapter II- E-Commerce and Digital Signatures

Chapter III- E-Governance and Information Technology

Chapter IV- Communication of Electronic Message

Chapter V- Security Procedures under Information Technology Act

Chapter VI- Certifying Authorities

Chapter VII- Digital Signature Certificate

Chapter VIII- Duties of Subscriber

Chapter IX- Penalties and Adjudication

Chapter X- Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal

Chapter XI- Offences under Information Technology Act

Chapter XII- Acts or Omissions against the Controller

Chapter XIII- Computer Processing and the Process of Confiscation

Chapter XIV- Network Service Provider

Chapter XV- Power of Police Officers

Chapter XVI- Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter XVII- Cyber Crime

Chapter XVIII- Encryption

Chapter XIX- Quelling Cyber Crime Challenge in Information Age

Chapter XX- Cyber Stalking

Chapter XXI- E- Commerce and Cyber Law

Chapter XXII- Media Law on Internet

Chapter XXIII- Defamation on Internet

Chapter XXIV- Cyber Consumers

Chapter XXV- Intellectual Property and Information Technology

Chapter XXVI- Cyber Terrorism

Chapter XXVII- Guidelines for Broadcasting

Chapter XXVIII- Loopholes of Information Technology Act

Chapter XXIX- Global Trends in Cyber Law

Chapter XXX- E- Crime Scenario