Principles of Administrative Law (Set of 2 Volumes) [9th Edition,2022] by M P Jain & S N Jain


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A leading treatise on the subject for over four decades, M P Jain & S N Jain Principles of Administrative Law provides a clear enunciation of the principles of Indian administrative law. An ever-increasing contact of the individual with the administrative machinery makes this book an ideal reference for judges, advocates, government officials, academicians, students and interested citizens.

Key Features:

A exhaustive commentary on administrative law and constitutional principles
Thematically arranged commentary on Administrative Law, examining in detail the concept and practice of administrative law across 2 volumes and 47 chapters
Takes into account the new developments that have evolved through a number of significant judicial pronouncements, the focus of which has been to strengthen procedural and substantive safeguards vis-à-vis the administration
Includes latest judgments delivered by the Supreme Court and various High Courts including UOI v M/S G S Chatha Rice Mills, Tamil Nadu Medical Officers Association v UOI, UOI v Agricas LLP, etc.

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