The Code of Civil Procedure by Avtar Singh


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This scholarly work by Dr. Avtar Singh provides an unparalleled coverage of Code of Civil Procedure (CPC)and is a comprehensive analysis of various legal provisions relating this Procedural Law. The entire substance has been divided into Twenty Two Chapters. The present work shall be extremely useful to students, teachers, practicing lawyers and all others operating in legal field. CHAPTERIZATION

Chapter 1- Introduction

Chapter II- Definitions

Chapter III- Cognizance of Suits by Civil Courts

Chapter IV- Examination of Parties by Court, Discovery, Inspection and Production of Documents

Chapter V- Admission, Production, Impounding and Return of Documents

Chapter VI- Frame of Issues- First Hearing

Chapter VII- Summoning, Attendance of Witnesses and Hearing of the Suit

Chapter VIII- Affidavit

Chapter IX- Judgment and Decree

Chapter X- Execution of Decrees and Orders

Chapter XI- Incidental Proceedings

Chapter XII- Interim Orders

Chapter XIII- Suits by or against Government or Public Officers in their Official Capacity

Chapter XIV- Suits involving Substantial Question of Law as to Interpretation of Constitution

Chapter XV- Suits by or against Firms and Persons Carrying on Business in names other than their own

Chapter XVI- Suits by or against Trustees, Executors and Administrators

Chapter XVII- Suits by or against Minors and Persons of Unsound Mind

Chapter XVIII- Appeals

Chapter XIX- Reference

Chapter XX- Review and Revision

Chapter XXI- Withdrawal and Adjustment of Suits

Chapter XXII- Miscellaneous





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