Uttar Pradesh Land Laws by RR Maurya

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Part 1 – U.P. Zamindari Abolition & Land Reforms Act

Chapter I- Proprietary Right in Land

Chapter II- Tenancy Legislations

Chapter III- Abolition of Zamindari

Chapter IV- Definitions

Chapter V- Acquisition of the interests of Intermediaries and its consequences

Chapter VI -Compensation and Rehabilitation Grant

Chapter VII- Evacuee Property

Chapter VIII- Mines and Minerals

Chapter IX- Gaon Sabha and Land Management Committee

Chapter X- Classes of Tenure-Holders

Chapter XI- Rights of Tenure-Holders

Chapter XII- Ejectment

Chapter XIII- Abandonment, Surrender, Extinction and Lease

Chapter XIV- Succession

Chapter XV- Allotment of land and Declaratory Suit

Chapter XVI -Land Revenue

Chapter XVII- Exclusive Jurisdiction of the Revenue Court

Chapter XVIII- Co-operative Farming Society

Part 2- The Uttar Pradesh Land Revenue Act, 1901

Chapter I-Revenue authorities and their jurisdiction

Chapter II-Maintenance of maps and records

Chapter III-Revision of maps and records

Chapter IV- Procedure of Revenue Courts and Revenue Officers

Chapter V-Appeal, Revision and Review

Part 3- The U.P. Imposition of Ceiling on Land Holdings Act, 1960

Chapter I- Introduction

Chapter II- Imposition of ceiling on Land Holdings, Exemption & Acquisition of Surplus Land the consequences of non-filing of objection

Chapter III- Determination and payment of amount

Chapter IV- Settlement of surplus land





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